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Antidote X

Journal of Kid Sis, Rock Goddess

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I HAVE MOVED! AGAIN! I now live in civilization in a swankier neighborhood.
acrobatics, angel, angels, anime, anne rice, astronomy, back rubs, bagpipes, bands, being bitten, being kissed, bisexuality, blinky lights, books, boys in eyeliner, boys kissing, bpal, buffy the vampire slayer, capoeira, cars, cats, classical, classical music, clubs, coasters, corsets, cowboy bebop, cuddling, dancing, dbz, destiny, digital art, disturbed, djs, doctor who, dragons, dreams, drinking, eeyore, erotica, eyebrow piercings, fan fiction, fanfiction, fine arts, fluffy bunnies, friends, futurama, gaia, gen, george carlin, glowsticks, goth, goth girls, gothic chicks, harleys, harry potter, hentai, hercules, het, homoerotic subtext, hotties, hugs, indiana jones, internet, karaoke, king of the hill, kisses, kissing, kissing in the starlight, kittens, lennykravitz, licking, linkin park, long haired boys, love, love making, making out, manga, maroon 5, martial arts, men, moons, motorcycles, movies, music, mythology, nerds, nice girls, ninja, opera, outlaw star, photography, piercing, piercings, pirates, pizza, playing with words, poetry, pool, power puff girls, prayer beads, punk, purple, red, remus lupin, renaissance faires, rock music, roleplaying, roller coasters, rpgs, rurouni kenshin, saliva, sci-fi, severus snape, sex, shakespeare, simpsons, singing, slash, sleeping, soul, star gazing, star trek, stars, sticks, style, swords, tall boots, taproot, tattoos, techno, the bilge pumps, theatre, three days grace, torchwood, touching, tulsa, tv, vampires, violin, whips, wrestling, x-men, yaoi/shounenai, yuri/shoujoai